The Paradox of Beauty

This womenswear collection is to explore the fascinating contrast between "high end fashion" and "streetwear", with an open-minded research range, and an intention to demonstrate modern aesthetics with a diversity of styles and viewpoints.

The first step of research was to identify the elements of this high/low paradox, along with the possible duality of couture craftsmanship and the functionality of dailywear. The inspiration coming from different ages of fashion history, for example, 70s Bourgeois and Studio 54 aesthetics, along with 80s power suiting and 90s athleisure style, were all carefully integrated into the process. As the result, this collection breaks the boundaries of apparel categories, and shows that pieces ranging from luxury couture, formal-wear, party-wear, and streetwear can co-exist by the conscious choice of an experimental wearer.

To add more depth to the context, hand beading artworks with an exquisite couture vibe were utilised as highlights of outfits. Various styles of prints inspired by the contradistinction of rigid geometry and fluid curves, along with the inspiration from photographer Florence Henri's works and contemporary slogan T-shirt, were also craftly added to the collection, with decorative hardwares further channeling the unapologetic streetwear attitude.

Designer & Stylist

Ming-I Hsu


Cielo Yu

Art Director & Set Designer

Sunny Chiu

Hair & Make-up



Kristina Elibekova


Phil Studio